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A Passenger's perspectives on life

Find your Purpose

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Find your Purpose

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Abdulrazaq Ramat
·Dec 31, 2022·

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As you plan for the new year, plan to achieve your worldly goals, make plans for your physical health, mental health, and emotional health, and do not forget the most important one your Spiritual health. Is my purpose just related to survival? Surely it has to be more than that.

Where is the personality/soul that disappears after a person dies? Is this just a biological process?

Yes, that question you have been running away from all your life. What's the purpose of life if I have to die? What's going to happen after I die? What if I find that there is a God indeed and I failed to do all of the good deeds I was told, or heard? Aren't I at a loss? What do I lose from the good things after all in this world?

The time when death comes is unknown to us, we don't know when it isn't always dependent on age, even babies do die, young healthy people do die, open your eyes, it can be our turn any time. Try to find the truth before it's too late, as much as it can be scary, perhaps there is goodness in it also. B

Find your purpose before it's too late. Just like yesterday on earth can't be recovered once it's gone, it becomes only a lesson or regret, your choice whichever one you choose.

Do not be deluded by the many great things of life, enjoy them but do not be attached to them, do not become a slave to them, and take control of your emotions/ego for you are not different from an animal if you can't do so.

We are higher animals for a reason. We are given intellect for a reason, it's not just to survive, it's to find our purpose. Why we are on earth, and why do we have to die? Prepare for your death, as you prepare for the life to reduce the fear of this reality, as you would prepare to have a great life on earth by working hard.

I know it's scary and you probably don't want to talk about it, but just because you don't want to talk about it, doesn't deny it's reality. Apply the same logic you use in this world for the next one.

Open your eyes, not your physical eyes, but your soul eyes, the one which bothers you when you are alone, the one which makes you restless that you gotta occupy yourself with as many tasks as possible to avoid those dreading thoughts.

Don't run away from it. This new year, connect with your soul and find the truth. Be open to receiving the truth, it isn't always pleasant or easy to accept, but the truth is the truth.

A wise man once said we are human beings, not doings, the greatest gift of life is to be able to experience and create stories with our experience, but it shouldn't take away our purpose. Appreciate life's gifts but do not make enjoying all the blessings your main purpose. Open your eyes, listen to yourself, and ask yourself every night, what's truly my purpose, if there is a Creator out there? Is this planned beautiful life on earth, a mere coincidence or a planned event?

Be Sincere and open your heart to receiving the truth.

May Allah give us the strength to go through the trials of life.

Stay blessed.

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