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A Passenger's perspectives on life

Achieving a Healthy lifestyle

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Achieving a Healthy lifestyle

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Abdulrazaq Ramat
·Jan 10, 2023·

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Subhanallah, as a psychology student, I have learned a lot from books, but I don't think this type of learning has had much impact on me as compared to experiential learning. Experiential learning allows for reflection, however, how can a child who hasn't had much experience in life, with people, or even work reflect?

While taking of your biological needs, don't neglect the emotional needs of a child, remember just because a person doesn't like something, doesn't mean it isn't needed.

This advice is for those introverted children, who might not like socializing at a younger age, or might be shy, it is then up to the responsibility of a parent, to take that extra effort into helping their child into situations where they can socialize, as this puts them into action and even if they might not like it. It will be useful in the future when with other peers, even in the workforce, or even marriage, which would allow them to connect with others. What good is it to have intellect, and not be able to communicate with others, because a person hasn't learned how to establish an emotional connection, similarly what good is it to be able to emotionally connect with others and not be able to solve problems that arise? Perhaps, the latter is still better, as there are many people in that range group, so they still survive.

Anyways, the point here is not to focus on one over the other.

As Muslim, we are taught to achieve balance, don't forget one comes before the other than again.

Here is the other in which they tend to come into our life.

  1. Biological/Physical Health.

  2. Emotional/Social Health.

  3. Intellectual/Mental Health.

  4. Spiritual Health.

This seems to be the norm, in my experience as how we grow to feel actualized in our lives. Of course, it might not be like this for everyone. Comment below which stage you are focusing on improving in your life.

I personally think I'm working on my emotional/social health currently in my life, I have felt really disconnected from my emotions as a kid, and it led me to rationalizing complex subjects like emotions, which was very unessary at times.

I begin with the belief that there has to be a purpose for everything, and this belief led me to question why so many times in my life, for every little thing that happened, and it definitely caused me a lot of pain.

Now I have realized, why Allah creates everything with a purpose, somethings we cannot know, and somethings we just have to experience in other for us to learn why, this why can be subjective, or it can be normal.

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